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Anrukon Ref. Sheet: RC OCT by Dracontar Anrukon Ref. Sheet: RC OCT by Dracontar
This is the first of my two ref. sheets for :iconroulettecityoct:

I'd just like to point out that my audition has been a BITCH with editing, reediting, etc. Cutting it real close, but ANYWAYS enough ranting!

Update: Made a number of changes, edits and addons to the Personality Section that I was sort of holding back until now. Plus they would make for an easier, more interesting story to tell, I think. This update will hopefully better explain his motives, actions, and moods as the story progresses.
Plus an additional note at the very bottom of the description for competitors to reference for convenience.


Name: Anrukon Vak Weizim Malkrow (He’s usually shortened to Ruk)
Species: Raktej (hermaphrodite race)
Height: 7 ft. 7in. (2.31 meters)
Weight: 216 lb
Age: 29 (Earth year average)

Short History:
“Ruk? Yeah, I know a bit about him. He’s been living here in Bumbugrsh ever since he was about… seven, give or take? That’s human standard years I’m talking about, of course; couldn’t really tell you how Raktej years estimate to ours. Anyway, he says he’s always had that Shanweiler fellow taking care of him ever since he’s lived here, but get this: Shan isn’t even a parent or relative, just a ‘friend’ of sorts, he says.

“Once upon a time of course I asked him why, but when I did he just… broke down. He got all depressed and silent, sometimes mumbled to himself and stared off to space, and even started crying a little; it really was a sad sight. Took him about half an hour before he actually talked.

“All he’s ever told me is that something happened when he was about seven. Something to do with his parents and this corporation called the Sable Zealot Coalition that they worked for. There was this splinter group of the Coalition that apparently had some sort of beef with his family. One thing led to another, and Ruk ended up separated from his family, and that was when they started ‘disappearing’. And so Shan was charged with taking care of Ruk here, outta sight and outta mind.

“But I think something bad happened in between all that, something traumatizing. I say this because, well, Ruk… I shouldn’t even be saying this, but Ruk’s suffering psychosis. Says it’s always been around ever since he was taken from his family. And if even half of what he suffers from these hallucinatory episodes are true, I don't think I'd ever be able to sleep again.

“He doesn’t like talking about it, and I damn well respect his privacy enough not to. But really, he’s afraid. I see it sometimes, in his eyes; he even starts sweating and twitching. I think it might be this splinter group, and he’s afraid they might be after him. Kind of paranoid, if you ask me. I mean, why would they ever go out this far into a little dump like ours just for one man anyways?!

“But apparently this Shan fellow is supposed to be from the main Sable Zealot body, so apparently they probably think the same. I guess it’s because this splinter group was once theirs, but I still say knackers to that!”

“Oh, he’s such a good kid! Always been a very polite customer, energetic, courteous, just a real sweetheart. He’s always been considerate, putting everyone else before himself… but he can cause quite a stir if he's trying to win over someone in a fight. Tends to keep to himself a lot though, so he don’t have many friends. At his happiest moments he smiles a lot, treat's life like a joke, and just does whatever he pleases- but he’s no thug or hooligan, I can assure you that!

“But sometimes, he gets depressed. I’ve had more than a few late nights where he’d get drunk off his rocker and rant on about how the whole galaxy has it out for him and that he's completely hopeless.

“I mean, he’s does have some problems. Mostly it’s that he can be so... self loathing. I have no other way to say it: he's just so hate-filled with his life, and there are a couple reasons why.

“For one thing, he has a bit of a reputation for being a big slut, even by Raktej standards. I only recently found out that he frequents this place called the Rhomal Hut as an ‘entertainer’. Yes, he’s not a customer there, he’s an all out prostitute. But he IS hermaphrodite, so I suppose he could… agh, I'm not going there.

“But essentially, he's seeing sex as some kind of escapism from the shit going on in his head, substituting it for his pills apparently. But considering how much he does it, it can't be healthy for him... mentally or physically. He once mentioned how Shan even says it might make the hallucinations worse.

“This leads him to having this problem with being irresponsible for himself, and he constantly abuses himself. He fails to take his meds, he just lets himself become a mess until someone picks him back up... and of course he resorts to sex all over again.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good kid, a great heart. He only wants to do the right thing, y'know?

"But really, he's so hopeless and insecure. I just don't get it; he can be so optimistic and caring in one moment, but then he's got this deep, hidden part of him that hates himself so much, thinking he's too far gone to be helped and stuck in this endless cycle of guilt. He's shown he can be responsible- he just thinks he can't, so he usually doesn't try... not for long anyway."

"But y'know what I think? I think he still clings to one shred of hope out of all this: his sword play. He's always wanted to be one of them Gladiators, and he's always happy whenever he talks about that kind of stuff. I mean, why do you think he takes his sword training so seriously but not everything else? He believes his skill with a sword is the only thing that he's got, and that's all he thinks himself to be.

"But I just hope he realizes that he's so much more than that one day, I really do."

~Highly adept at swordplay, using intricate stabs and swings to confuse opponents.
~Particularly athletic, even capable of some parkour stunts.
~Physically very strong, sometimes using brute force to disable opponents.

Fighting Style/Weapons:
~One handed, durable sword.
~His knuckle sandwiches.
~Minor aggressive psychic manipulation, such as a hard push or painful jab at the stomach.
~Goes for the offensive, either charging headlong or planning an ambush.
~Either using strength to wear down opponents or exploiting holes in their defenses until they fall.

~Has a bit of a cowardly disposition despite the calm he shows; mostly due to his unpredictable mood.
~Disturbing imagery can scare the crap out of him.
~Hallucinate episodes can impair him and drive him nuts if they interfere.
~Reflexes are not very fast, having to rely on his strength or athletics to attack or dodge.
~Has a problem with making decisions for himself, and hates his life for what it is- insecure, sex- dependent, and just lacking in independence of his own.

Random Facts:
~He loves hugs
~He loves apple sauce
~Sometimes talks to himself.
~He writes once every week in his logbook- so he can record his progress.
~Can be a little flirty if he’s… um, “in the mood”.
~It has always been his lifelong dream to become a professional Gladiator, hence his dueling practices and wanting to enter this tournament.
~Since both characters are hermaphrodite, gender has little meaning in terms of sexual orientation and things relating to that, in their cultural mindset. So they almost never use masculine or feminine words when talking in another language (so in english, instead of saying he or she, they would say the individual's name, "that human", or "it", since the word "it" in their language is also used when referring to another individual).

Relationship with Partner:
Ruk see’s Shan as a lot of different things; mostly as a great friend. He see’s him as a parenting figure (since his real family was lost to him), he see’s him as a teacher, as a personal hero to look up to. On the other hand however, they get at odds at times- a rebellious kid against his parent, so to speak. But even with that, Ruk also exhibits an excessive dependence on Shan to take care of him and help him in life- which has made him rather lacking in believing in his own inner strength.

Extra Note worth noting:

Due to the fact that Ruk, Shan, and the Raktej species as a whole belong to an entirely different dimension of existence from Roulette City, every citizen, NPC, and fellow combatant do not know anything about them- their gender, their culture, the culture of humans in their universe, etc. The only exception would be the Portal Aliens, Ronald Jackson, and a very select few individuals in his payroll (such as Laceration and Hero, for example).
Just putting this up for future notice once the show finally goes on tour! Anyways, as you were. ;)


Just note me if you have any questions!
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Edspear Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I give you credit on your amazing talent on crafting a truly distinctly alien alien. Just a little question cause I may be doing some fan-art-ness, but what color is his/her/schler tongue? Does he/she/schlee even have a tongue?
Dracontar Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
:iconiloveitplz: Thank you SO MUCH! :love: That's very sweet of you to say!

Teehee, sorry for not saying earlier; had to go to bed since it was midnight. His (Raktej are considered "him" even though they're herm and don't consider themselves any gender) tongue is black; their flesh is more black ish, so their blood is also blackish. ;)

malkrow21 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
What a coincidence, we share the same name.
Dracontar Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
XD Wow, that's pretty darn funny.
Does this happen to you often?
malkrow21 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
Well, I did find this: [link]
That isn't me though because my Xbox360 account would be Malkrow21, with the 21 at the end.
Too bad I don't have my 360 anymore though.
Dony123 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
OOOoOOOOo! Very cool! Seems like a pretty cool character!
Dracontar Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
INdeed he is. I'm definitely planning to focus a lot on this guy, and just eat my own slice of the tournament cake... with vigor! :D
Dony123 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
Well, good luck to yah!
Dracontar Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
Teehee. Good luck to you too! :D
space-aged Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011   General Artist
Dude is almost 8' tall and like hugs. How awesome can one character get? lol

Love these guys. I think I they would be a challenge for me to draw, and I like that kind of challenge!
Dracontar Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
I really could not tell you. :D But hell that would be one heck of a bear hug! XDDDD

Thanks man! And yes, challenge is a very good thing. I hope you'll enjoy the experience, and just lemme know if you need any help or anything if you do draw em. ;)
Allantsuki Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"He loves hugs"

Dracontar Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011
Teehee. :meow:
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